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Faucet Plumbing

Faucets (bathrooms, kitchens). Is your faucet 5 years or older? Consider complete replacement unless it’s a simple cartridge issue. There are various brands we suggest like Moen, Delta, American Standard & Kohler. Please ensure that if you are supplying your own bathroom sink faucet, that you select the correct size with holes 4-8” on center based on your existing sinkholes. We are happy to supply and install your new faucet or you may choose to supply and have us install.

At Honest D Plumbing, your East End Ottawa plumbers, we recommend installing an upgraded drain piece (chrome or brushed nickel finish) as the ones which come with standard faucet kits are typically lower quality and will leak over time.

Water Line Shut Off Valves

When you contact your local Russell plumber regarding your faucet replacement, we may ask you if you currently have shut off valves in place. Simply look under the sink and if you see water lines with tap levers attached to them, then the answer is yes – you do! If not, this means we will need to shut off the water to your house with faucets open then install the shutoff valves to the hot and cold water lines we are working on. This will allow you to shut off the water at the source to enable you to switch your faucets in the future without having to shut the water off in the entire house.

Tip: Make sure you know the location of the Main Water Shut Off Valve for your home so it can be turned off in the event of an emergency.


Water Main Shut Off Valve

In homes that have City or Town water services (& do not have water wells), the main shut off valve that’s located inside your home is the responsibility of the home owner to maintain. The City is responsible for the maintenance of the shutoff valve located at the street. This is the main shut off where the water comes into your house and over time, it gets corroded and requires replacement. We will coordinate with your local township office to have them shut down the water services from the street into your house while we do the replacement then return after we’ve replaced the valve to turn the water back on again. The cost to have the township show up to do this is minimal and we will take care of the coordination for you.

Dishwasher Installation

We have been providing dishwasher disconnections/hookups for our clients over the last many years. Homeowners and contractors will often contact us when doing a renovation and require new or replacement equipment. When doing a renovation, the new cabinet footprint will often see the dishwasher being relocated either slightly or into a whole new cabinet cavity. When you contact us, please be sure to provide us with the make and model of the new dishwasher and specify as many details about your project as possible. It is important that before you operate your dishwasher that the water supply line meets the requirements for pressure & temperature. Ideally, the water supply pressure should be between 20 and 120 psi. Your new dishwasher will likely not come with a new water supply line, at Honest D Plumbing, we will install a new stainless steel supply line to meet the above requirements.

Fridge Water Lines

Gone are the days of standard fridges – we all dream of having a fridge that makes ice and has water on demand. In order to replace your existing fridge with a new modern fridge with all the amenities you desire, we will need to run water lines to your new fridge. In most cases, the fridge is located on the main floor. We will inspect the basement ceiling area to see where we can run the water lines to bring the source directly under your new fridge location. In some cases, the water lines can be run through your new cabinetry. If basement ceilings are finished, this likely means we’ll need to open up the drywall to enable us to do the water line relocation. Drop ceiling panels or un-finished ceilings are optimal and less invasive. After your renovation is complete, we will need to ensure the contractor or client arranges to have the fridge moved just in front of the space where it’s going to allow us to complete the water line connection. Email us today at for more details.

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