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When You Need Plumbing Services, Trust the Best!

Honest D Plumbing has been providing stellar plumbing services to residents and businesses within a 60km radius of Metcalfe, ON for more than a decade and has never missed an appointment. They are dedicated to their craftsmanship and take pride in their ability to repair or replace any piping system within your house or office. We professionally train them and ensure they are licensed and insured to help protect your home even further.

From repairing leaky pipes to installing sump pumps or water treatment equipment and completely re-organizing your pipe system in a basement or mechanical room, we do it all! We have the knowledge and tools to assist in any issue you are facing with your plumbing. We even offer an estimate over the phone, so you are prepared to see how the cost will look. If there are ever any surprises throughout the job, we communicate them effectively so you can help us decide how to move forward with the repairs or the replacement if needed.

Types of Plumbing Services We Offer Residents & Businesses

Our experience has allowed us to gain the knowledge required to work with many different plumbing systems and their equipment. No matter if you have a small pipe needing tightened to stop a leak or you need assistance in your mechanical room with re-organizing. The original pipe system may be in your way if it’s an older system. We can make it better to help you utilize the space to your company’s advantage. Below are some other plumbing services we offer for those within a 60km radius of Metcalfe, ON:

What You Can Expect from Honest D Plumbing Experts

We get to work quickly because we understand how important having access to water is in your home. You need it for cleaning, cooking, drinking, and a multitude of other tasks. If there is ever a hiccup in the plumbing services provided by our team, you can relax knowing they are licensed as well as insured to help protect themselves and your home or office. Also, if there is a change needing to be made to the original estimate, we reach out to you and discuss the new services and get your approval before moving forward. We aren’t in the business of surprise charges like some other plumbers in the area. We have also never missed an appointment in the 16 years we’ve been in business, and we always clean up after ourselves, so there is no stress about the mess.

How Can Water Treatments Help My Ottawa Home?

Water treatment equipment such as water softeners, sulphur units, UV light systems, reverse osmosis, and more are used to clean the water you use for showering, cooking, and drinking. Our plumbers will run a water test free of charge and report the findings back to you. From there, we can recommend the appropriate water treatment equipment based on these results and specific to your water. We have found instances in some homes of sulphur or iron deposits, which can be hazardous to your health if not serviced correctly. Our team will find the problems and help you choose the right equipment to get the cleanest water possible in your home or office.

Sump Pumps Offer Protection for Your Home in Ottawa

The plumbers at Honest D Plumbing are your local sump pump specialists. We can help install any pedestal sump pump. Have well water? Getting a sump pump installed is an absolute must to help get rid of the collected water from in and around your home. We even offer battery back-up sump pumps to protect your home in the event of a blackout or electricity outage, most insurance companies require a backup pump.

Call Honest D for Affordable Plumbing Services

Whether you need help installing water treatment equipment or you are in the market for a batter back-up sump pump, the professional plumbers at Honest D Plumbing are your team. We service the Metcalfe, ON area with quick and reliable plumbing services so residents and businesses can have clean and properly running water. In over 16 years we have never missed an appointment when a client calls. When you call Honest D you can expect nothing but the best possible customer experience. To get started and receive your free estimate, reach out to us by email today! We’re available to the 60km radius around the Metcalfe area Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

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